Roadside Assistance

Get many additional benefits on your business policy so your business never stops. Roadside assistance will help you when you have problems on the road.

In conjunction with our commercial partner “Roadside Masters”, we offer our clients a special price to purchase roadside assistance coverage. We cover class 1 to 8 commercial vehicles.

Don’t miss the opportunity to supplement your commercial policy with this coverage, as these are benefits that commercial policies do not normally include!

We provide the user guide so that you have all the detailed information at your fingertips.

Emergency Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year in the United States and Canada. You will only have to pay for uncovered expenses or covered costs that exceed your maximum per occurrence. The service must be a covered benefit under the terms and conditions of this contract and is available only for the vehicle (hereinafter referred to as “Covered Vehicle”) registered on RoadsideMASTERS.com and any qualified trailer.

Roadside Assistance

Per Truck
$ 399
Per year
  • Tractor and trailer
  • Tire assistance
  • Mobile mechanical service
  • Oil, fluid and water supply service
  • Fuel delivery service
  • Key lock / replacement assistance
  • Starting the vehicle by battery
  • Pull start
  • Spare battery delivery
  • Spare parts delivery
  • Discount hotel stays

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