Life Coverages

Life insurance helps you protect what matters most: your loved ones. It is a financial safety net for your family. There are two types of policy that you can take out.

Type of Policy

Term Life

Pólizas de vida a término

This is a form of Term Life Insurance coverage. The term is specified as a period of time between 10 to 30 years, these contracts cover the risk of mortality of a person and pay a death benefit only if the insured dies during the specified period.

• Provides High protection for a low premium cost.

• Allows low-income people to buy an adequate amount of insurance.

• Covers temporary obligations.

• It can be used as a low-cost option to protect the future of an insured.

• You can have access to additional coverages such as: Accidental death Rider (accidental death), Waiver of premium (permanent disability) , Disability Income policy administration)

You can get affordable accidental death protection of up to $ 500,000. With multiple beneficiaries, you can enhance the benefit to meet the unique needs of your family. • From 18 to 70 years old. • Up to $ 500,000 in coverage. • A face value level death benefit up to age 80 payable for an accidental death that occurs within 180 days of the accidental bodily injury. • You can provide regular monthly income to help keep your family safe if an accident leaves you disabled and you are unable to earn an income. States: AZ, FL, GA, IL, NV and TX
Understanding that a clause is each of the provisions that make up a contract and which cannot be modified or excluded; in life insurance we have the following: • Common Carrier Accidental Death: This clause specifies that in the event that the insured dies in a public transport accident, while he is a passenger, the company will grant an additional nominal value to the beneficiaries ($ 100,000 – $ 200,000). • Accelerated Death Benefit Rider: Chronic, Critical and Terminal Illness: This clause specifies that in the event that the insured is diagnosed with a chronic or terminal critical illness, the company will grant a percentage of the value for the who is insured, this in order to help the insured monetarily with the financial expenses of his illness. Note: It should be clear that at no time and under no circumstances can the client exclude these clauses from the life insurance contract.
They are those clauses that can be added to life insurance, they are optional and generate additional value, in life insurance we have the following: • Accidental Death Rider: This coverage specifies that in the event that the insured has a driving accident and dies, the insurance company gives the beneficiaries an additional nominal value to the beneficiaries, it can be from $ 100,000 up to $ 300,000, this depends on the initial nominal value for which the client was insured, the value of this coverage cannot be greater than the value of the insurance. • Waiver of Premium: This coverage specifies that in the event that the insured has an accident while driving and does not die, but because of this he was left with a permanent disability which does not allow him to continue with his style of normal life, the insurance company will give you a face value of the value for which you were insured, this percentage of money depends on the qualification of your permanent disability. • Children’s Term: This is an additional coverage for the insured’s children, it specifies that in the event that children have an accident or injury while performing their daily activities, the insurance company will award $ 20,000 for the payment of the medical procedures to which the child must undergo. Note: Additional coverages have an age limit of 55 years.

Type of Policy

Permanent Life

Pólizas de vida permanente

Offers both death benefit protection and a cash value component. It does not have a time limit like term insurance, but is intended to last the rest of the life of the insured, as long as the premium is paid.

Note: People who wish to have this type of coverage must present medical examinations together with the activation request, the cost of said examinations must be borne by the future insured.
• Guarantees a death benefit for the life of the insured, as well as a cash savings account. • The premium remains constant throughout the life of the policy, while payments that exceed your premium are credited to your savings, which generate a fixed interest rate.
• Comprehensive life insurance for children that offers a guaranteed level premium. • A guaranteed death benefit face value and guaranteed cash value. • For parents, grandparents, or legal guardians who have children and / or grandchildren between the ages of 0 and 17. • With face value of death benefits ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 75,000, you can buy whatever coverage you think is appropriate. • Additional coverages: Accelerated Death Benefit Rider (for Terminal Illness), Common Carrier Accidental Death Rider.
• Provides a death benefit and a cash value component where funds can grow tax-deferred. • You have the flexibility to change the overall value of the death benefit, as well as how long and how much you pay off. • Because Universal Life is a permanent life insurance policy, the insured will have access to their cash value account.
• They offer a death benefit as well as a cash component. However, with variable life insurance, the insured can participate in different investment options or invest in stocks. • In this type of policy, funds can grow much more than in another type of policy. But this also means that there may be more risk as the funds are exposed to the ups and downs of the stock market.

Acceptable immigration status

The immigration statuses allowed to quote and activate a life policy are the following:

Permanent Resident

American passport

Certificate of naturalization

Born in the United States


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