We have a recognized business partner named Roadside Masters that can offer our customers great discounts and prices. We cover commercial vehicles class 1 to 8.

Our offer: (Discount applied)
Only $399 per truck, per year! Finally a product similar to Triple AAA but for truckers. Now you can save money in towing assistance, only this service may cost from $300 to $1.000

Don’t waste the opportunity to complement your commercial policy as these are benefits that commercial policies normally do not include!
We provide you the user guide for you to have all the detailed information in hands.

Emergency Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year in the United States and Canada. You will only have to pay for any non-covered expenses or covered costs in excess of your per occurrence maximum. Service must be a covered benefit under the terms and conditions of this contract and is available only for the vehicle (herein after referred to as “Covered Vehicle”) registered with RoadsideMASTERS.com and any qualifying trailer.


  • When your Covered Vehicle is disabled due to a mechanical breakdown, it will be towed to the nearest service facility of your choice up to fifty (50) miles or up to two (2) hours port-to-port, dependent on how the service provider charges. The truck for purposes of towing includes both the tractor and trailer, state law permitting. Any expenses incurred beyond membership limits will be the responsibility of the member, payable directly to the service provider, and are not reimbursable. In either case, service is limited to one tow or service call per disablement. See Limits of Services and accidents.
  • Service consists of the removal of the flat tire for the Covered Vehicle, and it’s replacement with the mounted spare tire located with the Covered Vehicle, up to $150 per occurrence. The truck program for flat tire assistance excludes coverage for trailers.
  • When a replacement tire is needed for the Covered Vehicle (tractor only), the cost of the service call to deliver a replacement tire to the disablement site will be covered up to $100.00 per occurrence. Coverage does not cover cost of the tire and its installation.
  • Service consists of a roadside tire repair for a mounted tractor tire, up to $100 per occurrence. Tire repair assistance excludes service to the trailer tires.
  • Mobile Mechanic Service is available for the Covered Vehicle in lieu of towing, if the disablement can be resolved roadside, up to a maximum of $100.00 per occurrence. You must pay for any mileage, parts and labor.
  • An emergency supply of oil, fluid and water will be delivered if your Covered Vehicle becomes disabled due to running out of fluids, up to $100 per occurrence. You must pay for the cost of the oil, fluid or water, if any.
  • An emergency supply of up to thirty (30) gallons of fuel will be delivered if your Covered Vehicle is in immediate need, up to $100 per occurrence. You must pay for the cost of fuel.
  • f your keys are locked inside the Covered Vehicle, assistance will be provided to gain entry into the Covered Vehicle up to $100.00 benefit limit. In the event there are no keys found, and a replacement key is needed, you will be covered up to the maximum benefit amount of $100.00 for the total cost of lockout service and a new key.
  • If battery failure occurs, a jump-start will be provided to start your Covered Vehicle, up to $150 per occurrence.
  • A pull start may be available for the covered vehicle in lieu of a jumpstart, if available, up to $100 per occurrence.
  • In the event a battery is needed, one can be delivered to your location. The cost of the battery, parts, and labor are at your expense. A battery delivery service call will be covered up to $100.00 for service call only and will not be covered if the service call was requested after a successful or failed jump start service.
  • Replacement part delivery, if available, will be provided up to $100 per occurrence to cover the delivery only. Member is responsible for the cost of the part(s) themselves. This service may not be available in all regions. Member is responsible for installation and labor.