Welcome to Fino Dispatch. It would be our pleasure to communicate with you and make ourselves known to generate greater confidence, knowing that your business requires great attention.

For this purpose, we want you to give us the opportunity to provide Dispatch services for your commercial vehicles. Fino Services LLC is here to serve as an extension of your company; think of us as your own dispatcher.


To Sign on With Fino Services LLC:

  • Dispatch Agreement.
  • Company/Carrier Profile.
  • Driver Information Sheet (Please complete one for each driver/fleet unit).
  • Liability: $1.000.000 – Cargo: $100.000.

To Start Your Dispatching Services you must authorize Fino Services LLC to use :

  • Carrier’s Authority.
  • DOT#.
  • MC#.
  • W-9.
  • Insurance certificate.

Once your paperwork is processed you will be contacted promptly with all pertinent information.

For questions/concerns regarding Fino Services requirements please contact your Dispatcher or call the Corporate Office at 1-888-200-2012.