Auto Coverages

Auto insurance policies protect your personal vehicle and a variety of risks associated with operating it.
It is the mandatory coverage for any type of vehicle, since it is the coverage that covers in case of damage to third parties. It’s called a liability policy. In addition, it has two sub-coverages that pay in the event that the insured is legally responsible for an accident: physical damage to persons Body (LI) Injury (B.I) and damage to the property of others Property Damage (P.D). They also pay legal defense expenses if required because of lawsuits.
This coverage covers in case of damage to the insured’s vehicle. Said coverage is generally used when the insured was responsible for the accident, his Liability will cover the damage to third parties and his Physical Damage will cover his own vehicle. It has two Sub-coverages: in cases of Collision crashes and cases of Comprehensive natural effect events.
Covers when the other driver involved is declared legally responsible for the accident and is considered “uninsured” or “underinsured” . In other words, you are uninsured, underinsured or run away and do not pay for the damages caused, it covers for injuries, even death, that you and the occupants of the insured vehicle suffer. It is an extension of the Liability policy.
Provides timely benefit payments if an insured or other persons covered by the policy are injured in an accident. It is mandatory in the state of Florida . It is an extension of the Liability policy. PIP has three parts:

1. Medical benefits: Coverage of the costs of treatment that the insured receives from hospitals, doctors and other health care providers.

2. Disability benefits: The reimbursement of certain expenses resulting from injury, such as loss of wages or any reasonable expense incurred in obtaining the services of others during the period of disability.

3. Death coverage: Benefits payable if an insured dies from injuries sustained in an accident.
It is optional insurance coverage that pays for reasonable and necessary medical expenses for covered individuals. These expenses must be incurred as a result of a car accident. It is an extension of the Liability policy .